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Phriday Photo – Broken Down Kil...

Phriday Photo – Broken Down Killdeer

A Killdeer displaying a “broken-wing” to distract us from his mate’s nest. We stumbled upon him and after a couple photos, took a wide detour around the nest.

Phriday Photo – Rolland F. Perr...

Phriday Photo – Rolland F. Perry City Forest

Rolland F. Perry City Forest: Bangor, Maine It rained the day we were in Bangor, Maine but the birds and mosquitoes didn’t mind a bit! We didn’t really either. Abundant Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers and singing Hermit Thrushes will un-dampen any mood! Dakota and Grandpa No Great Horned Owl Sightings – but Thanks for the Warning! Everything […]

Phriday Photo – Somes Sound

Phriday Photo – Somes Sound

Considered the only fjord on the east coast in the US “Somes Sound runs north-south in the middle of Mount Desert Island. This section is at the southern end where it opens into the open ocean. At the north end is the small and picturesque village of Somesville, the first settlement on the island.” – […]

Phriday Photo – More Dickcissel...

Phriday Photo – More Dickcissels

Dickcissels have been abundant this year. Not only that but they always seem to be posing for photos.

Phriday Photo – Eastern Wood-Pe...

Phriday Photo – Eastern Wood-Pewee Singing His Heart Out

Eastern Wood-Pewee

Phriday Photo – Blue-gray Gnatc...

Phriday Photo – Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Nest

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher nesting

Phriday Photo – Osprey in Flori...

Phriday Photo – Osprey in Florida

Random Osprey in Florida.

Phriday Photo – Black-crowned N...

Phriday Photo – Black-crowned Night-heron at Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary

There were many wild Black-crowned Night-herons among the injured birds at the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary in Florida.

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