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Puppies and Dog Training

I’ve now been volunteering at TAILS Humane Society for nearly a month and have logged 15 hours of service. I am going twice a week: Wednesdays are “Puppy Class” where I bring an adoptable puppy to train and socialize with other pups and Saturdays where I do dog enrichment and obedience training class.

A few picks and a video from my first puppy class:

Puppy Class at TAILS

Puppy Class at TAILS

Puppy Class at TAILS

I am working with a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog mix named Jack Sparrow. He is the dog on the left in the photo below.

Puppies at TAILS

You may need to hit “refresh” to see the video.

I am working with several dogs but this is Baxter, a Treeing Walker Coonhound mix. He is four and is a wonderful dog but has high anxiety from being in the shelter.



I took him for a long run/walk on the bike path nearby the shelter and then worked on some basic commands (like sit and down). He did extremely well and was happy when we took a break in the yard.

You may need to hit “refresh” to see the video.

If you need help finding the right dog for your family, let me know! Even if you aren’t in northern Illinois I can assist you in finding the perfect dog who wants to find a forever home.

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    I like your post. I will start visiting your website regularly.

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