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Articles featuring information about bird conservation efforts across the globe.

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Take Kids Birding

A project to promote bringing young ones into the birding and conservation community.

Backyard Farming

backyard farming

Backyard farming is the approach to plant trees, shrubs, flowers, and produce to improve your own personal habitat while also helping birds and other wildlife. Any size yard can be used and all improvements big and small are important. Homegrown produce helps the environment by reducing waste and the need to purchase groceries that have […]

Hiking With a Toddler – First D...

Hiking With a Toddler

Hiking with a toddler is always an interesting endeavor. But since Sunday was the first day of spring, I decided to take my 2 1/2 year old out for a mid-morning, pre-nap hike in a local forest preserve. The weather was chilly, meaning hat and gloves and repeated requests to “put hat and gloves back […]

Blue Goose Passports and the National...

Sandhill Cranes at Horicon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge

Blue Goose Passports are a fun way to record your visits to any of the 563 National Wildlife Refuges you visit. The inexpensive book includes listings for the different refuges, a little about them, and when they were established. Most listings have space for their own distinctive stamp, which you can get for free, usually […]

Helmeted Hornbill Harvesting Could Le...

Helmeted Hornbill Harvesting Could Lead to Extinction

The Helmeted Hornbill (Rhinoplax vigil) is a beautiful and bizarre-looking bird of southeast Asia. It uses its casque (helmet) in territorial battles between males. Disgustingly, its helmets are also pursued by poachers for their “red ivory”. This has been decimating the birds population. “Last November, the helmeted hornbill’s conservation status was upped from “near-threatened.” It […]

Wall of Birds by Cornell Lab of Ornit...

wall of birds

The Wall of Birds is a cool interactive project from Cornell’s Bird Academy. It features a bird from each taxonomic family (243) and each is located where they can be found over the globe. “Explore the diversity and evolution of birds with this web interactive based on the Wall of Birds mural. Envisioned by Cornell […]

Rare Birds of North America

Rare Birds of North America

Rare Birds of North America is a densely packed book that covers nearly all the fascinating species that you are most likely not going to see in North America. These rare birds, some of which have but a single confirmed sighting, can show up nearly anywhere at any time, but as this book shows, most […]

Back to Blogging Again

outdoor office - old

Well, it has been nearly a year since anyone at has posted any new content and even then, the posts were sporadic for about a year prior. So today I am happy to announce that we are going to try and return to regular blogging. The goal is 1-3 posts each week, more during […]

Gearing up for the Biggest Week in Am...

Gearing up for the Biggest Week in American Birding: A Challenge

I was considering a post about what to bring to the Biggest Week this year but after talking with Dakota (another Birdfreak but more importantly our “let’s get rid of plastic” advocate) decided to change course just a bit. First off, I really hope to see a lot of people at the Biggest Week in […]

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