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Feral Rewilding the Land, the Sea, an...

Feral Rewilding the Land the Sea and Human Life

Feral Rewilding the Land the Sea and Human Life by George Monbiot centers around the idea that conservation is not enough and that a rewilding effort needs to be in place to reach goals far beyond what most conservation and restoration efforts currently are focused on. Rewilding is simple in the abstract: bring back the […]

Children & Nature Network

Children & Nature Network

In 2006, the Children & Nature Network was created by Richard Louv, Cheryl Charles, Martha Farrell Erickson, Martin LeBlanc, Michael Pertschuk and Amy Pertschuk. Their vision: “A world in which all children play, learn and grow with nature in their everyday lives.” The Children & Nature Network is a great resource for information about connecting […]

Crossley ID Guide Britain & Irel...

Crossley ID Guide Britain Ireland

The Crossley Id Guide Britain & Ireland follows the unique and beloved format of other Crossley ID guides with this one of course covering birds found in Great Britain and Ireland. Most of the text is written by nature writer Dominic Couzens but is a bit overshadowed by the dizzying array of birds to be […]

Saving the Kirtland’s Warbler &...

Saving Kirtland's Warbler

“Saving the Kirtland’s Warbler” is one of a series of Science Talks that takes place at the Cranebook Institute of Science. These lectures are done by experts from the Nature Conservancy with this one happening on Thursday, May 5, 6:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m. in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. While we won’t be able to make the talk, […]

Midwest Crane Count – 2016

Whooping Crane

The annual midwest crane count took place on April 16th and we were once again in our “usual” spot, a privately-owned area known as Moody Marsh. This year it was just me, Eddie, and my dad. We can’t quite remember, but we have been doing these counts for over 10 years now. Background of Midwest […]

Gardening is for the Birds

gardening is for the birds

Gardening is for the birds and can be fun and satisfying on many levels. It’s a way to get outdoors, involve the family in a project and is for all skill levels. But how does it help the birds? FOOD MILES Some of our food travels really far before it reaches us. I have had […]

Silent Spring Revisited by Conor Mark...

Silent Spring Revisited

Silent Spring Revisited is an excellent book that chronicles what has happened in terms of bird conservation since Rachel Carson’s landmark book. In 1962, Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring was published and was immediately wrought with criticism and denouncement, largely because she was a woman and not part of the “inner circle” of scientists. Her book […]

Birdscaping – Landscaping for B...

Birdscaping can lead to attracting blue-winged warblers

Birdscaping is a portmanteau of birds and landscaping. It is the intentional effort to provide a natural setting to attract wildlife, especially birds, to an area, most typically your own backyard. And there are many different ways you can provide a bird-friendly landscape. Part 1 – Planting for Birds 1.1 Trees Trees provide nesting, shelter/cover, […]

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