Month in Review

It’s the end of the month and time to have a quick recap of what went on in January.

* New Year’s Day started off nice with our first bird of the year, the Red-tailed Hawk.
* We attended the 60th Anniversary of Rockford’s Bird Club, NCIOS.
* The blog was completely redesigned with a new look.
* We introduced two new features of Birdfreak – The Geobirding blog and the Birdvine.
* I talked about my love of Wrens and the desire to see all of them.
* WordPress finally allowed me to put my video of an American Robin bathing to music.

In the non-blogging world, I saw close to 30 species of birds (I usually start the year out slow) and 16 species at the Callaway Nature Preserve.
The year bird – Red-tailed Hawk was sighted about 33% of the month for me and over 50% for Veery (who is now commuting to school).

All in all, it’s been a good month; nothing extraordinary but still fun. As the year progresses, I plan on traveling locally a lot. In fact, the majority of my birding this year will be in the states of Illinois and Wisconsin, so my year list is not likely to be that high.

However, the main goal this year isn’t trying to see the most birds, but to SEE the most birds. We are planning on doing birding surveys, find breeding birds, and report on as many local birding events as possible.

Upcoming topics we wish to discuss – Birding in Mexico, why the birding in the midwest is so great, a few more book/movie/product reviews and a whole lot more info on the Geobirding blog.

We hope you enjoy reading; we certainly are having a blast blogging!

2 thoughts on “Month in Review

  1. Looking forward to it!
    Note that the most recent issue of Birding is devoted to the Midwest, with some fine articles on the birds and places I grew up among.
    Best wishes for an equally successful February,

  2. I have been reading the current issue and it’s amazing how many places I haven’t been to that aren’t that far away. I am a huge supporter of Midwest birding and I hope others will read it and find out how great it is.

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