Mission Statement

Our mission at Birdfreak.com is to:

  1. Promote bird conservation and other conservation projects that indirectly help birds
  2. Promote the enjoyment of birding – Whether it is a hobby, sport, past time, obsession, line of study, etc., birding provides several beneficial aspects including exercise, relaxation, stress relief, social interaction, ascetic values, spiritual, and more
  3. Promote birding specifically to young birders – Promote young birder involvement in the hobby and science of birding, building a new base of birders and future bird conservationists
  4. Promote Citizen Science – how the many birders have a responsibility and ability to partake in bird studies
  5. Share birding and conservation information – photos and any info we have is free to spread around the world like manure to help grow a patch of conservation-minded birders
  6. Use marketing tools to promote all of the above – promoting all things bird-related without any political or financial bias

Updated: 19 September 2008

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