We love to travel to find new birds and participate in a lot of bird counts. We also created a Guide to Birding Field Guides and host a collection of over 200 birding links from all over the globe.


While our main focus continues to be birds, we promote other areas of conservation as well. Conserving land not only benefits wildlife, but is hugely beneficial to people as well.

Year of the Young Birder

2013 is officially The Year of the Young Birder! We plan on spending the whole year promoting young birder clubs and sharing ideas on how to help student naturalists become lifelong conservationists.

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One Million Birder Project

The One Million Birders Project is a lofty goal to get a list of names of 1,000,000 birders. This list is not to create a mailing list (your email is not asked for nor tracked in any way). Our goal is to quantify the number of birders there are in the U.S. worldwide. It is the hopes that together, one million birders can create a big difference in conservation and habitat restoration efforts.

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Note: If you are a young birder (under 18 years old) please sign up via our special
One Million Birder Young Birder Form. [This form removes the requirement of a city and has a few bonus questions.]

If you believe this statement sign up:

I am a birder who believes birds are in trouble and that conservation of their habitat is the key to preserving the amazing diversity of birds on Earth.

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