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Year of the Young Birder

2013 is officially The Year of the Young Birder! We plan on spending the whole year promoting young birder clubs and sharing ideas on how to help student naturalists become lifelong conservationists.

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Article in: Young Birders
January 22, 2013

Michigan Young Birders Club


2013: Michigan Audubon proudly presents – the Michigan Young Birders Club!

Here is the information on the brand new club from the Michigan Audubon’s Website:

As 2013 begins Michigan Audubon looks forward to something that has been in the planning stages for the past year, the launch of a Michigan Young Birders Club (MYBC). With the assistance of Sarah Toner and advice from the staff at Black Swamp Bird Observatory (BSBO), MYBC joins 12 other state and five regional Young Birder Clubs in the country.

MYBC membership is for youth ages 12 – 18. An Advisory Board, who will decide on the schedule of programs and the division of tasks amongst the members, will be established at the first meeting, scheduled for January 19th at the Michigan Audubon headquarters.

Members will create their own online newsletter and administer the club’s social networking sites. Planning a conference with presentations given by members and other young birders will also be on their agenda in the near future. The Club will be overseen by Program Coordinator Wendy Tatar.

MYBC membership is $15 and $10 for additional members of the same family. Operation of the club won’t be possible without the help of adults. There will be a supporting adult membership ($20), which will receive the online newsletter. Funds generated by adult support will go to fund the club’s activities and hopefully build an account that can one day support scholarships for members to attend conferences and camps around the country. Adult mentors will be called on to lead birding trips and provide transportation to field trips and programs. A few adults will be seated on the Advisory Board for oversight.

We are currently in the process of creating the membership registration forms for this page. Check back before the end of the year to sign up.

Michigan Audubon

Michigan already offers three junior Audubon clubs:
Grand Rapids Junior Audubon Club
Kalamazoo Junior Audubon
Junior Birders of Northern Michigan

Contact Wendy Tatar at – for more information.

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