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The Biggest Week in American Birding ...

volunteering at the biggest week

Northwest Ohio is “The Warbler Capital of the World“. People come from all over the world to see all the beautiful spring migrants that stopover on their way north . The Biggest Week in American Birding a week-long bird festival that started in 2010, is now in full swing and each year it just gets […]

Question Mark Butterfly

Question Mark Butterfly

Out hiking at lunch time I found a lot of butterflies, several of them being Question Marks. Click the image to see notes on the spots to look at for identification. Apparently, the way to tell these beauties apart from the Eastern Comma is by the number of spots. The Question Mark has four spots […]

Red Admiral and a Shooting Star

Red Admiral and a Shooting Star

Just a few shots from a recent hike to Blackhawk Springs Forest Preserve. Didn’t bring my big camera lens so these are just with the sturdy point and shoot. Here is a Red Admiral: And a shooting star: Finally, a small spider (not sure if it is a “baby” or not):

Big Cat Rescue – Tampa, Florida

Big Cat Rescue – Tampa, Florida

While on vacation in Florida we stopped at the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa to see and learn about big cats. We were amazed at just how lax the laws are for owning, using, & mistreating these beautiful cats. Jumanji, Male Leopard The Big Cat Rescue in Tampa takes in unwanted cats from all over […]

Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo

Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo

Our second day in Florida we spent seven hours at Tampa’s famous Lowry Park Zoo. We took hundreds of photos and saw a lot of cool birds and other animals. Here’s some of them. Giraffes The super rare Okapi Relatives to giraffes! Shoebill Stork Helmeted Guinea Fowl White Ibis (wild) One of the coolest experiences […]

Midwest Birding Symposium – Bey...

Midwest Birding Symposium – Beyond Birds

A reoccurring theme from speakers at the Midwest Birding Symposium was the interaction of other natural wonders in addittion to birds. The insects birds eat, plants they use, habitats – it’s all interconnected. Jim McCormac‘s talk, Birding Going Beyond Birds, was a wonderful example of how all of nature meshes together. The relationships with birds […]

National Eagle Center – Wabasha...

National Eagle Center – Wabasha, Minnesota

On a trip to Winona, Minnesota to visit Stacia’s sister, we headed up to Wabasha to visit the National Eagle Center. I had fairly high expectations of the place and those were exceeded wonderfully! Bald Eagle in your face! We were greeted immediately by a friendly woman when we entered and throughout our visit everyone […]

Visit to the Field Museum in Chicago

Visit to the Field Museum in Chicago

We took the train into Chicago to check out two special displays at the Field Museum: The Horse and Whales. Both were incredibly awesome but did not allow photography. However, we did browse the huge collection of birds where there are 95% of all North American species represented! There are also a ton of world […]

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