Birdfreak Bird Conservation Project Updates

Colored Sands Forest Preserve

March is coming to a close and the busy months of birding and bird conservation are upon us. We have several projects and outings planned for the next few months, and of course we’ll be sharing them as often as possible!

  1. Bird Banding – we are working on creating a series about bird banding including videos showing how it’s done and showcasing some of the amazing migrant birds that come through our area. There are even plans of creating a new website for Sand Bluff Bird Observatory to help promote this local gem we have in our county.
  2. Earth Day – we will most likely be helping out on Earth Day to promote our local bird club. We hope to get some new people interested in birding and of course, bird conservation.
  3. Bird Counts – we have a Sandhill Crane count in April, the Spring Bird Count in May, and our 72-hour birding extravaganza, also in May. These counts help to determine how bird populations are doing and are tons of fun besides.
  4. D.R.B.S. – We will be continuing with the Deer Run Bird Surveys to get an idea of what birds use this nature preserve, especially as a migration stopover and for nesting.
  5. Specialized Bird Conservation Population Study – We are trying to start population studies on 13 species of birds in our area, a project we hope to have our bird club participate in.
  6. Writing a Book – We are in the process of writing a birding book. We can’t give out too many details at this time but over the next few months we hope to get ideas from our beloved readers and bird conservation friends.

Sandhill Cranes dancing – by Dakota
Sandhill Cranes - Dance

3 thoughts on “Birdfreak Bird Conservation Project Updates

  1. Love your photo from the little kingfisher! Keep up with the great conservation efforts that you guys are doing! Every little bit helps our birds!

  2. Lana – cranes rule and we’ll definitely post updates about the book (just don’t want to “leak” too much ahead of time)

    Mon@rch – Little Kingfisher says ‘thanks’ and we will always try to do our best to promote conservation!!

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