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Phriday Photo – Killdeer on Nes...

Phriday Photo – Killdeer on Nest

On a recent naturalist studies outing with my nephew Dakota we discovered an ornery Killdeer. She scolded us as we walked by in the parking lot before we realized she had 4 beautiful eggs she had been sitting on. We snapped this quick photo before giving her lots of space. From a distance you couldn’t […]

Horsing Around But Always a Birder

Horsing Around But Always a Birder

Thanks to my beautiful fiancee Stacia, I have been fully introduced to horses and horseback riding and I love it! I took two lessons last year and after a long gap I finally took my third riding lesson. Stacia has a handsome bay Appendix Quarter Horse named Teddy (pictured on left). He is a ten-year […]

Website Update Review – Cornell...

Website Update Review – Cornell Lab of Ornithology

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s website is one frequented by The Birdfreak Team. There is a wealth of information on birds, birding, and conservation. Plus, the Lab “gets it” in terms of making a user-friendly, visually appealing, functional website. Here is an overview of this newly updated site. The Lab’s website has always been a […]

Bird Photography Weekly #93

Bird Photography Weekly #93

Northern Cardinal taking a bath Join in now on the 93rd edition of Bird Photography Weekly!! Help spread the word with these badges: Copy this code to place this badge: <a href=””><img src=”” width=”225″/></a> Copy this code to place this badge: <a href=””><img src=”” width=”125″/></a>

Phriday Photo

Phriday Photo

In January the Birdfreak Team split forces between Ohio and Illinois. Jennie got a new job and she and her son Dakota moved to northwest Ohio while Eddie and the rest of the clan remain in north central Illinois. Ohio is home to many wonderful bird lovers and conservationists and the birding is great. Dakota […]

Backyard Baby Robins

Backyard Baby Robins

The New Birder Experience is all about observing and learning about birds. As fun as it is to build up a large list of birds on a hike, I’ve found that it is much more fun for both Stacia and I when we just plain watch birds being birds. Over the last couple of weeks […]

Coming in 2011 – YardMap Networ...

Coming in 2011 – YardMap Network

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is creating a new citizen science project that will connect natural backyard bird habitats together. This project has the potential to create a huge boom for conservation as it will show how important individuals are to the big picture. Backyard habitats can potentially connect large and small preserved land to […]

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